White Wedding Cakes – Beautiful and Timeless

Classic, timeless, stunning… white wedding cakes never go out of style.

Brides can never go wrong with white. Whatever the theme or colour palette, white wedding cakes always make a statement.

As we reminisce over the weekend’s Royal Wedding, it seems that white is certainly top of the style list. You don’t always have to add other colours to your wedding day palette. White can stand on its own!

And white wedding cakes are no exception. Like the wise old saying “less is more”, it certainly rings true for modern weddings.

When it comes to white wedding cakes, they don’t all have to look the same. There are plenty of different styles and elements that can be incorporated into your stunning centrepiece!

Classic and Traditional

If you are opting for a traditional wedding, then traditional white wedding cakes should be your go to.

By experimenting with different textures, décor and trims, you can have an entirely unique creation while still trailing a traditional path.

This classic white tiered cake is a perfect mix of these elements.

White wedding cakes will always be a staple at weddings. If you are looking for a wedding cake that is a blend of subtlety and charm, while making a bold statement, Vindya Cakes and Events is the team for you.

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white wedding cakes
white wedding cake


A modern wedding cake doesn’t have to be boring, plain or minimalist!

We are in love with this modern take on a floral theme. The white petal cake is still one of our favourites, and makes an exquisite impact.

Simple in concept, with naturally flowing lines and delicate texture, this cake is as delicious on the inside as it is lovely on the outside … white wedding cakes can be as modern as you like!

This petal cake really does give modern cakes a new edge.

Something Different

When you can’t decide between elements for your wedding cake, why not find a magnificent middle ground?

This is where a skilled cake artist becomes a necessity. If you are looking to fuse styles, and incorporate a few different elements, you need to know that it will be done properly!

This pure white wedding cake does just that. A bit of floral, a bit of glitter, and a bit of petal texture…

And they all work together seamlessly!

white cake
white wedding