Ask any bride about her wedding flowers, and you’ll find that her decision wasn’t made lightly.

Wedding flowers are one of the key parts of your ceremony – they precede the bridesmaids and the bride, they incorporate the colours of the bridal party’s attire, and are a consistent thread through the ceremony.

Put simply, your wedding flowers tie your entire wedding together.  We know instinctively that this is the case, but how do they do it?

Wedding Flowers


A Consistent Colour Palette

The most obvious way that wedding flowers tie your wedding theme together is through their colour palette.  You choose your flowers to compliment your bridesmaids’ dresses, and your own bridal gown.  The bridesmaids’ flowers are usually a variation in size and colour balance of the bridal bouquet.

And don’t forget the boys!  Their lapel flowers should be a mirror of the featured bouquet flowers, and match with their ties and accessories.

From Ceremony to Celebration

Wedding flowers aren’t just about the bouquets!  You need to link the flowers into your ceremony and bridal table decorations, and the table centrepieces at your reception.

So when you choose your flowers, choose wisely.  Your florist will be using a lot of them!  Make sure they have good availability, and give you the look you’re after when you follow the theme through from ceremony to reception.

For this reason, it is important to choose your wedding flower provider with care – they should advise you on the best wedding flowers for the season, and for your budget and style.

Wedding Style

Probably the very thing that starts the ball rolling on your wedding decisions is your theme or style.  As an excited bride, chances are that you knew what style of wedding you wanted before you even knew your groom!

Your personal taste will be the driving force behind this choice. Whether your wedding style is traditional, garden, rustic or tropical, you need a clear idea of the types of flowers that match.

It can be helpful to choose your wedding flowers early in the planning stages, as they are such a key feature throughout your big day. Once you’ve chosen your theme and flowers, it will help guide you through the rest of your choices, from your dress to your wedding cake.

If you are looking for a seamless wedding day, it is worth talking to a company that can provide more than one of these services.

The team at Vindya Cakes and Events are dedicated to a holistic and artistic approach when it comes to wedding flowers and cakes, and helping brides create a seamless theme from the start to finish.

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Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers