Vanilla raspberry flavoured cake

It is a difficult feat to try to not enjoy cake. It reminds us of everything and everyone we love, even the smell of cake transforms us in time. Cake takes us back to first dates, where we split a slice and could not resist letting out a joyful “mm”. Cake takes us back to stunning weddings, where the bride and groom were so in love, it was impossible not to smile. Cake takes us back to surprise birthdays, where we felt surrounded by friends and family, where we felt successful, where we felt warm. Eating cake brings people together, and the right cake can create memories which last a lifetime. Undoubtedly, this vanilla raspberry flavoured cake unites taste buds universally, and is the perfect addition to any occasion.


Why is everyone so excited that this vanilla raspberry flavoured cake is coming soon to over counter sales? This buzz is certainly merited, as this cake is well balanced and versatile. The sweetness and richness of the vanilla perfectly compliments the tart, fresh raspberry, making for a taste sensation guaranteed to satisfy you every time.


It’s often so hard to find the right cake to suit everyone. Your parents want a fruit cake, your children want a chocolate mud cake, and it seems you simply cannot win. This cake is the perfect middle ground; everyone will be reaching for a slice, or two, or three! Where some cakes are dry and overpowering, this cake is enjoyed by large crowds, as it is light on the palette and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy. The raspberry moistens the cake, giving it surprising pops of flavour which are pleasing to people of all ages. The simple flavours make it uncomplicated and satisfying, it is an honest cake which doesn’t overdo it. A vanilla raspberry flavoured cake is sure to add effortless flair and delight to your next gathering. You can see some of Vindya’s amazing creations here.