Themed Cakes

Do you have a special event coming up for yourself or a loved one? Do you want the cake or cakes at this event to be unique and match the event? Then themed cakes are the way to go.

If you’re thinking of going with themed cakes or are unsure if they’re the best type of cakes for your event, there are pros and cons to consider.

themed cake maker

The most obvious pro of themed cakes is the fact they are unique and can be made to match the event. While anyone can buy or make a standard chocolate or vanilla round cake, not everyone can make a castle cake for royalty lovers or a Shrek cake for Shrek lovers.

Another pro of themed cakes is that they can be made by specialty cake makers for you or a loved one. This means that the cake itself is made of quality materials, will turn out to be a work of art, can come in many flavours, and save you time as you won’t have to make it yourself.

While themed cakes can provide many benefits for a special event, there are also a few cons to consider before you decide to go with them.

The most obvious con of themed cakes is the time they take to make. Due to the fact that they are very specific by nature, making themed cakes is not an easy task and the more complex or requirements there are for the chosen theme, the longer the cakes will take to make. This is not an issue if you allow time for planning and creation of the cake – it is best to contact your cake maker in advance and establish timeframes.

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Another similar con to themed cakes is the level of difficulty in making them. If you are choosing to make it yourself, make sure you have the time, patience and supplies to do so. A specialty cake maker help alleviate the stress for you, so you can plan the rest of the party an enjoy the fun.

Vindya and Co creates themed cakes that look and taste amazing. Contact us for more information on our cakes and flowers, and let us make the party planning process easier for you!