springtime wedding

Spring is the ideal season for any wedding. Flowers are freshly blooming all around you, birds are humming, returning home and the temperature is a perfect medium, allowing everyone to glow without getting too sweaty. The choices for attire are plentiful: from tuxedos to cocktail wear, long-sleeves to sleeveless, both bride and groom are allowed a myriad of dress options. A springtime wedding is one that is aligned with nature, it echoes the sentiments of the changing environment; encouraging fertility and growth within an established relationship.

Certainly, we can help you hold a beautiful, memorable springtime wedding. We have floral options suitable for any theme; in spring, there are many types of flowers available. We offer so many wedding set up services, and can provide you with stunning, seasonal arrangements for tables at your reception venue and wedding location. Your guests will instantly feel surrounded by life and the scents of spring, as they take in the sensational floral arrangements that you have selected and customised to suit your tastes.


A springtime wedding also boasts several delectable, delicious wedding cake choices for committed couples. Any type of cake, from traditional fruit cake to indulgent mudcake, are possible in this ideal season. Indeed, many weddings follow a theme or specific colour scheme. For that, we offer a pastiche of gorgeous decorative services. Our cakes can be adorned with crisp, evenly spread icing in pretty spring pastels in any shade, from baby blue to rosy pink. Further, our cakes can be embellished with impeccable detailing. Little pearls and both bright coloured and muted tone flowers are popular springtime choices. We can decorate your cake to match and compliment your overall reception venue dressing, creating an environment in which you feel comfortable and confident taking photos which you will keep and treasure for a lifetime. Check out Vindya cakes on Facebook today here.