You can have a wedding cake fit for royalty, with a stunning split tier cake.

You’re getting married. It’s your day to celebrate you and your partner, to commemorate your love and to share in it with all of your collective friends and family.  With a split tier cake your centrepiece will shine!

You want your day to be perfect in every way. The suits and dresses tailored to perfection, in line with all of the high fashion trends. Perhaps one of the most important parts of any ceremony, the sharing of cake, is also a matter of style and sophistication. This cake unites you and your partner, symbolising that in life you will sustain and support each other. Your choice of cake also affects your guests You want them all to enjoy the day and what you have provided for them. A split tier cake miraculously fits both of these criteria: it is the epitome of a modish wedding cake, and is sizeable enough to feed your loved ones quickly and easily.


Split Tier Cake

The intricate spit tier cake pictured here is incredibly moreish. Adorned with soft pink flowers, it perfectly compliments the gorgeous surroundings in this room. Certainly, it is as inviting as the reception venue itself, appearing creamy, soft and demure; ideal for any wedding cake. There is no tier less beautiful than another. A further benefit of this unique and brilliant cake style is that it can be presented in a number of ways. Here, paired with bright gold platters, the cake looks luxurious and fit for royalty.

A split tier cake leaves each stunning tier as its own separate entity. As such, these marvelous cakes are consummate for weddings. The newlyweds can take a whole tier home with them, to preserve their memory of the day, without disturbing the structural integrity of any other layers. Therefore, the guests can efficiently feast upon this lavish cake, as it can quite simply be split amongst large crowds.

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