There’s a new kid on the wedding cake block – perfectly imperfect rustic wedding cakes!

With many couples heading back to nature for their wedding themes, rustic wedding cakes are taking centre-stage.

So what elements make up rustic wedding cakes?  The term rustic is used to describe items that are rough, natural and sometimes simple in appearance, reflecting a rural look.

Rustic wedding cakes are perfect for weddings that have a country edge to them.  Many renowned wineries and rural venues are chosen for their natural, farm-like environments, creating a rise in popularity of the rustic-themed wedding.

If you haven’t seen or tasted rustic wedding cakes first-hand, we have put together a handy guide to their defining elements.

Natural Look

You’ll find no bold colours or smooth layers in a typical rustic style. Nor will you find any bling or lace!

If you don’t find it in a natural outdoor setting, you won’t find it on rustic wedding cakes.  The overall look of the cake must be characteristic of all the wonderful elements found in the great outdoors.

Rough Frosting

Rustic wedding cakes are usually a bit rough around the edges – literally.  Frosting is scraped around the outside, giving a peek-a-boo effect with the cake itself.

This is the ideal cake for a couple that wants a little less frosting, allowing the flavour of the cake to speak for itself.

Leaves, Berries and Bark!

Anything you can pluck from Mother Nature is fair game on rustic wedding cakes.  Some leaves for greenery, or some strategically-placed berries are common adornments.

And we can’t forget bark!  It could be realistic chocolate bark or a wooden cake stand, but a little bit of tree is a big player in the rustic theme.

Whatever your personal taste, you can’t go wrong with a rustic-themed cake on your wedding day.  They look brilliantly edible and make for a stunning focus during your celebrations.

With rustic wedding cakes becoming a regular at nuptials all over Melbourne, Vindya Cakes and Events is a boutique company ready to create your nature-inspired masterpiece.

Contact us to discuss your personal slice of edible art, and you’ll be on your way to giving your guests a sensational keepsake of your day!