National Donut Day

How amazing are doughnuts? Or is it Donuts? Apparently both forms of spelling are acceptable.  How ever you choose to spell them one thing is undeniable. They are absolutely delicious. And with June 1st being National Donut day, what better excuse than to splurge and treat yourself with these delicious dough creations.  Originating in the early 1800s from the Dutch settlers to America, the tantalizing snack has evolved throughout the years, taking a more familiar shape and consistently in the mid-19th century.  It is viewed as a thoroughly American food but is enjoyed the world over.

Recent trends have seen yet another iteration of the donut.  The need to consume more of these delectable little beauties have driven the new trend of doughnut cakes and why not? They’re universally loved, decorative, and if made correctly, can be an elegant addition to any occasion.

A few years ago, the emergence of donut cakes started to become noticeable, with many people opting for a donut tower over a more traditional cake for events such as birthdays and small social occasions.  This trend quickly caught on has now spread to larger events such as anniversaries and weddings, with a striking donut cake being the centrepiece of many hugely formal occasions.

National Donut Day gives all of us a chance to celebrate this delectable creation and enjoy in their scrumptious secrets. With more varieties than can be named, there is a donut to suit every persons individual tastes and preferences. The pictured cake was created by Vindya cakes for a recent wedding and this mouth-watering construction proved to be the talking point of the evening with everyone wanting to get in on the delicious donut action.

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