Gold Wedding Cakes for an Elegant Bridal Centrepiece
Are you looking for a glittering edge to your wedding day? Then check out these gold wedding cakes!
Gold wedding cakes are breathing new elegance into the wedding cake scene. With an abundance of techniques and possibilities at our fingertips, we are seeing a shimmering new trend.
When brides are considering colour palettes for their nuptials, they are usually drawn to a particular colour or theme. But you don’t need bold colour to make a statement. An understated white colour palette with gold elements is a stunning option. And you can bring it altogether with one of these wonderful gold wedding cakes.
If we’ve inspired you to go for gold, let’s look at the different ways you can incorporate this precious colour into your wedding day.
Gilded Decoration
A show-stopping solution for gold wedding cakes is to add some sugary gilding to a traditional cake. We love to play with different structures, textures and decorative styles.
The gilded style is perfect for a traditional wedding, where the bride is a reflection of regal beauty, ready to meet her handsome Prince and embark on her Happily Ever After.
Glittery Goodness
Put on the glitz for your family and friends, and add a touch of edible gold glitter to your wedding cake! We like to use glittered effects to break up the brilliant bridal white of cake tiers.
If you love to make a statement, and enjoy dazzling those around you, a gold sparkle is the key to making your wedding cake a true centrepiece!
Mix It Up
Gold can be a lovely accompaniment to other decorative elements on your wedding cake. If you adore soft, pretty things, then gold wedding cakes embellished with sweet lace, flowers and pearls could be just the thing to complement you at the bridal table!
There is a fine art to creating gold wedding cakes that exude sophistication and elegance. It takes a special hand to craft the delicate details with the right golden tones. Any slip in the process can lead to a wedding cake design that looks a little too brassy or rough in its delivery.
At Vindya Cakes and Events, we are all about the subtle, exquisite details – and gold wedding cakes are our specialty. Just take a peek inside our online gallery at some of our many masterpieces!

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