flavoured cupcakes

When you think of flavoured cupcakes I bet your first thoughts are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, berry and/or chocolate chip. While these cupcake flavours are delicious, they can be a little cliché.

The potential of flavoured cupcakes is limitless, but if you want to make delicious cupcakes with a unique flavour, these are some of the best flavours to go with:

1. Peanut butter truffle

A great flavour for lovers of both chocolate and peanut butter, whether it be on their own and/or the contrasting textures and tastes when mixed together.

2. Lavender

While you may not like the idea of having a flower-based flavour in your desserts, Lavender is known for its therapeutic benefits, so your desserts are not only delicious, they can also relax you! While Lavender flavoured cupcakes would be delicious on their own, Lavender also mixes well with lemon and honey.

3. Pecan pie

If you like your cupcakes to have more of a nutty flavour and/or love pecan pies and their flavours, then this is the perfect flavour for you.

4. Chocolate cheesecake

While it was mentioned earlier that chocolate flavoured cupcakes are a little cliché, adding a cheesecake filling can re-invent the chocolate flavour. Not to mention this flavour would be perfect for lovers of chocolate and cheesecake.

5. Banana split

For lovers of banana split who want a mini version of the dessert that you can hold in one hand, banana split flavoured cupcakes would be perfect for you.

6. Margarita

For those who like to have a little drink in their dessert, margarita would be the perfect flavour, but don’t eat too many at once!

Now you know of just a few unique ideas for flavoured cupcakes. If you have a special event coming up that you want to have flavoured cupcakes made for, contact Vindya & Co and they can figure out what flavour/s would be right for you and your special event. You can also check out some of our amazing work here