Ferrero Rocher flavoured cake


The Ferrero Rocher has been a crowd favourite for several decades. Its inventor, Michele Ferrero, named the luxurious chocolate treat after a grotto in the Roman Catholic shrine of Lourdes. Its name combines Michele’s family name, Ferrero, and the French word for rock or boulder, rocher. This is a reference to the chocolate’s round shape, indeed they are small spherical balls of joy, filled with wafer sheets and hazelnut. It seems there is no way that anyone could improve such a delectable chocolate treat. However, having used this popular treat, which has sales of over 3 billion every year, to flavour a cake, we have made this chocolate even more rich and indulgent.

A slice of this Ferrero Rocher flavoured cake will make any day memorable. A blend of the classic, complementary flavours of decadent chocolate and hazelnut, this chocolate really lends itself to being the ideal cake flavour. Ferrero Rochers have been traditionally associated with the holidays, specifically Christmas and New Year. This year, give the gift of deliciousness by buying a Ferrero Rocher flavoured cake, which highlights your own festivity and impeccable taste in desserts.

Ferrero Rocher flavoured cake will have huge over the counter sales. It is both contemporary and traditional, suiting a variety of different settings. In dessert bars, it is a popular choice amongst young people, a flavour they have known and loved since childhood. In high tea rooms, this cake also holds up; its flavour combinations perfect for a high class morning tea and popular amongst more mature generations. You should consider its crowd-pleasing qualities when thinking about what flavour cake you want for a celebration or special event. Grandma and the kids will all be able to enjoy this cake together, as it is a recognisable and delicious flavour, which has pleasant associations for most people of past holidays and celebratory occasions. Read More about Vidya Cakes Here and check out our instagram Here.