cupcake bouquet

Do you want to give someone a gift but want to do better than the cliché flowers and chocolates and you know that they love cupcakes? Then cupcake bouquets are the way to go. The biggest benefits of cupcake bouquets is that they can be given as a thoughtful gift for almost any occasion, but what are the best occasions for giving them as a gift?

1. Birthdays This is an obvious one and is really two birds with one stone as you are both giving them a gift and their birthday cake/s.

2. Weddings If you’re getting married and want a unique wedding cake or want to make it easier to share a wedding cake with your guests, then cupcake bouquets would be perfect for your special day. Another benefit is that the bride also has the option of having a cupcake instead of a flower bouquet, it’s a win-win!

3. Baby showers/gender reveal parties Cupcake bouquets would also be perfect for baby showers and they could even be made and decorated to a baby theme. Similarly, they would also be perfect for the latest baby trend—gender reveal parties. Cakes are a popular method of revealing a baby’s gender at gender reveal parties, where they can be white on the outside and coloured either pink or blue on the inside, with the expecting mother biting into it for the big reveal.

4. Office parties Cupcake bouquets don’t have to be used for personal celebrations, they can also be made for professional celebrations and parties as well. Whether it be for a Christmas party, a conference or just congratulating a colleague on their recent promotion, they are perfect for office parties and sharing the joy in a professional celebration.

5. Anniversary What better way is there to express your love after a year or years of marriage than with a cupcake bouquet! You get flowers and a tasty dessert you can share! How romantic!

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