If a white wedding cake is just a little too traditional for you, think pink! Couples are loving the creative difference with pink wedding cakes.

The cake is traditionally a key feature of a wedding and can speak to the style of occasion as well as the personalities of the couple. While shades of whites and creams have previously dominated, pink wedding cakes are suddenly in vogue.

Couples wanting to introduce colour to the traditional white wedding cake are seeing pink as the perfect position on the colour wheel. From showy hot pinks to subtle dusky and rose pinks, there is a colour palette perfect for any style of wedding. Shades of pink compliment white perfectly and, let’s face it, there’s quite a bit of white at a wedding. Pink wedding cakes become the obvious choice when deciding to add a little colour to the moment.

As an alternative to traditional decoration, why not try something like pink frosted donuts. Fun and quirky designs like this are really taking a bow to how the cake can be both a talking piece and a dessert that guests will genuinely want to eat… not just to be polite.

Pink wedding cakes
Pink wedding cakes

A more whimsical design can include flowers and foliage in shades of pink and complimenting colours. Choosing pink wedding cakes can be the perfect way to match a cake with the bridal and floral arrangements creating a sense of style and cohesion to your wedding decorations.

Although ‘simply gorgeous’, pink is no longer a colour just for the younger girls. The range of dessert designs with pink really create cakes that are contemporary and unique, as well as beautiful.

To make a perfect pink statement with your wedding cake that also tastes incredible, come and see Vindya Cakes and Events. We love coming up with custom made cakes just for you.

Pink wedding cake