Chocolate Cup Cakes

Any occasion is made better with cake. It’s a fact even the most divided crowds can agree on. Employing a boutique cake maker with extensive experience, and products as flawless as these simply delightful chocolate cupcakes, is an easy way to guarantee widespread enjoyment at your next gathering.

These decadent chocolate cupcakes are a glorious addition to a wedding reception, bridal shower, birthday party or anniversary. Chocolate is one of the most widely appreciated flavours amongst crowds, appealing to both young and old. It is a classic, rich and moist cake, each bite truly transformative for all who have the pleasure in indulging. Iced here in soft pink fondant and adorned with sweet floral accents, a modern twist has been added to give these cupcakes an element of class. Indeed, they can be dressed for any theme or colour scheme, made and decorated to your unique tastes.

Cupcakes serve as an intricate and clever alternative to a traditional, large cake. They are easily transported to any number of locations and can be placed in any formation you like within the function room. Moreover, as no cake has to be cut into portions, time is saved, and cleanliness is maintained. Each guest can take their own individual cake and eat it either at the venue or take it home with them as a delicious memento of your successful event.

Cupcakes have existed since 1796, so why not bring them along to your next function? Through history, they have been many different sizes and have been given different names, such as 1234 cake, patty cake and fairy cake. But one thing has remained the same – we love these small bites of heaven. Given their prolonged popularity, it is clear that these delectable treats should not remain an untapped resource of big events. Customise a cupcake for your next party and have as much fun with catering as you would with decor.

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