A Floral Wedding Cake for a Beautiful Garden Wedding!
You’ve got your stunning garden wedding organised, picked your bouquets… but what about a beautiful floral wedding cake?
In keeping with a timeless garden wedding theme, it naturally follows that you should be looking for a classic floral wedding cake to match. The actual design, however, depends entirely on your personal style, the size of the cake, and the skill of the person creating your edible centrepiece!
Flowers can be delicate business when it comes to floral wedding cake designs. There are plenty of internet fails to get the nerves fluttering for any bride. After all, your wedding cake is a statement of your style, represents your commitment to each other.
It is also an investment, and you want to have complete trust when it comes to choosing a wedding cake supplier.
So here are some hints when choosing someone to create your floral wedding cake!
Check their website and social media pages
You should always look for a gallery that illustrates the variety of work that a cake decorator has produced. And you should look for someone who has proven experience creating wonderful floral wedding cake masterpieces!
Speak to Other Brides
Real reviews tell the truth. It’s time to check out Facebook and other independent reviews, and speak to people who have used a cake artist’s services before you. There will be plenty of past brides willing to help out, so hop onto some forums or reach out to local ladies who might have some insight.
Floral Wedding Cake
Know Your Flowers
You have chosen roses for your floral arrangements, so it makes sense to look for someone who can prove they are able to step up to the rose challenge. They might have produced some remarkable lilies or stunning tulips… but you want your floral wedding cake style to be in sync with the overall style of your wedding.
Taste Test… Everything!
It’s one thing to have a divine-looking cake, but you want your floral wedding cake to taste delicious too! So make sure you have a good taste test before you make your choice. Taste the cake, the cream, the fondant… everything that your guests will eat on the day.
After all, your cake is going to be a focal point, and knowing your guests will thoroughly enjoy your cake with their late night cuppa makes it so much sweeter!
Floral Wedding Cake
Floral Wedding Cake
Floral Wedding Cake
While many wedding styles come and go, garden weddings have been around since the dawn of nuptial traditions, and don’t look to be going anywhere for a very long time.
Vindya & Co has established itself as one of the best floral wedding cake creators in Melbourne. One look at our online gallery and you’ll see just how floral cake decorations should be made.
Contact Vindya & Co today for a friendly chat about your wedding cake dreams, and find out how we can make those dreams come true!